Patent protection is unaffordable

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Now, you can afford patent protection.

You may think that patent protection is unaffordable…. Now, things have changed.

With the course Ten Steps to Patent, you can afford patent protection! This course will guide you in ten easy steps to write your own patent application. There are templates with blanks to fill out and video explanations in interview style, hosted by a patent attorney with over 20 years of experience.

With Ten Steps to Patent

– Drafting your own patent has never been so easy

– Drafting your own patent has never been so much fun

– Getting patent protection has never been so affordable

A patent can be worth millions of Euro’s, think for example about the patents on Lego. In order to get patent protection, you can hire a patent specialist. Then, you will pay between 5 and 25,000€ on fees. The course Ten Steps to Patent only costs 797€. And now with the autumn special, you pay only 397€…

This offer will be valid till november the 1st. So click the link to order the course:

This is what people who followed the course are saying about Ten Steps to Patent:

The course Ten Steps to Patent has helped me a lot in creating a clear and concise text, that contains all the necessary information to serve as a full and complete patent application. Especially the template for writing a patent application was of great use and guidance. For inventors with little money and about one to two weeks of time, I can strongly advise you to purchase this course.

Click the link to order the course:

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