Best invention ever

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The greatest invention ever…. What do you think it would be?

For me there is no doubt, that is the invention that everyone on the planet uses. And if you think about that, there not that many inventions that truly every human being is having or using…

Actually there is only one invention that is truly omnipresent…. Every person on this planet, in every culture, being part of any tribe is….. cooking food… Is using heat to improve the access to nutritious components, to improve caloric uptake and to reduce parasitic infestation….

Too bad we have no clue who was the individu, that ingenious spirit who first experimented with cooking… who somehow roasted some meat, or… boiled some fruits…. and found out that he or she improved the taste of it while serving something more healthy and more nutritious….

And .. this invention was not without consequences… according to a 2012 study by Suzana Herculano-Houzel and others, our human heads doubled in size over the last 600.000 years… while our closest related primates did not… all due to our cooking….

So big of an impact can an invention make……

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