Why not to use Google for searching your inventions

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If you search your invention in Google, be aware that you agreed to Google that they collect and store all your search terms…

Why is that an issue, well here is an example:

Lets say, you have invented a coffee cooker integrated in a horse saddle… In order to know if it is new, you may consult Google and type the search terms:

Horse saddle coffee cooker….

You may or may not find any relevant documents…. . yet, by typing your search terms, you just have disclosed to Google your invention…. And, upon accepting its terms of service, you agreed that Google may use your data to “develop new services…”

And yes, it is unlikely that Google is entering the horse saddle business or the coffee cooker business, but you get the point… be aware what you share!

Better is is to use a search engine of any of the patent offices. Like there is the Espacenet of the European Patent Office, which has recently got an updated and improved version. They do not store your terms for “developing new services”.

So, my message is: be cautious using google to search inventions!

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